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" Gangbang Scene"
I was so horny I met up with Dapper Dan and CJ Thrust so they could stretch my mouth and pussy out. After getting my facefucked and pussy pounded out I was creaming all over. To my suprize I caught a case of Fuck-Itis and couldnt even finish the scene. The dick was still good thoe
One early sunday morning chuchboy decided to stay home and get his dick sucked. He called me over and I was glad to do it. I swallowed his dick whole and made sure not to forget the balls. I finished him off with a nice handjob and When he couldnt hold back anymore he bussed all over my face and tits... Nice blowjob vid!
"BlowJob Scene"
"Smutted Out"
While looking for this girl stephanie that I was supposed to shoot I ran into her boyfriend Jake Banger. This nigga laid down some major pipe deep in my pussy.  He fucked me like a dirty hoe. He made me deepthroat and swallow all of his dick.
" Orgy Scene"
Me and Marley was having a girl's night in and Team VP and friends came through and turnt Marley back onto some dick. Of course I had no choice but to help her out. We sucked and fucked for the rest of the night  and let everyone cum on us. #FreaksComeOutAtNight
"Shower Scene"
Ive been craving some wet dick for a while now. So I called up Jake Banger to get the job done. Even though he was on the toilet I didn't give a fuck. He pounded my pussy so hard he made me fall. Then I sucked  his dick lovely with all kinds of sweet treats untill he shot cum straight in my mouth.
"CIM Special"
After jerkin off to all my videos; Papa Strokes hit me up on twitter wanting to get a  taste of my sweet pussy and deepthroat skills.  We fucked and sucked each other all over untill he finished on my face and accidentally leaving sum cum in my mouth. Yum!!!
I called my Budman up as usual to bring me sum good. When he came in I wasted no time swallowing his dick till he couldnt stand anymore. To my suprize he bought his uncle Dan along with him and he just came upstairs and shoved his dick down my throat too. I didnt mind so I let them fuck... Anyways more dick for me !!!
"Double Dick Fun"
Budman Strokes been running all over town making bitches drink dick and shit so this time I had something special in store 4 him. Juicy Jasmine went 2 work; Sucking n Fucking my pussy and his dick. And Of couse I had 2 get a taste of the D.  He handled our asses thoe and bussed right on us.
"BBW 3Sum"
" Creampie Scene"
After being caught red handed taking Jacuzzi Selfies Don Prince made me come in the house to do my duties. When I couldnt get him to cum, with my Swallowing, Titty Fucking and Cowgirl skills I gave up and let him bust his nut right inside my pussy.
" BJ Scene"
At my first swingers party Papa Strokes decided to turn shit up and get the party started Brooklyn style. I sucked the shit out of his dick and gave him all my mouth and throat in the middle of the party. He left a load of cum right in my eye and I couldnt stop sucking it....  #drinkdisdickup