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Another one from my personal collection. I was staying at a Hotel whe I was out of town..I called my dick to come pay me a visit and drop off that Cum Deposit. He came through and we got right down to it. Sucked him good, he fucked me good and left my pussy dripping with cum.
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I decided to put my BJ skills to the test versus a blowup doll names Chyna. At 1st Chyna was doing her thing, but the dick was way to fat for her mouth, so I had to show her how its done. I sucked that fat dick until he exploded a big fuckin nutt in my mouth, then I spit it all out as instructed. Guess I won..Yayyy!
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Me and Chyna the Doll went back at it again to see who can take the most dick. I tried to take as much dick from the dildo as i could but she beat me. After being SPANKED and Smacked MD left a big load of cum so deep in my pussy. I had to reach all the way inside to get it out. The cum did taste good
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After a long day at work I called the MDT Players over to my telly for a full poundout session. All the players throatfucked me and took their turns tasting my juices and fucking me deep inside my sweet pussy. Then each player left cum dripping on my body
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After hitting the sheets me and my good friend Black decided to shower together. He said he loves to see a thick bitch swallow all of his dick. So i did and i made it real nasty. No parts of black's dick was off limits, Balls and Sucked him so good he came rite down my thoat. I definitly wasnt ready for that
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This time around I got my girl Black China with me to help with all this dick. This video was actually filmed at a tax office, and someone was actually getting taxes done at the time of the shoot..Crazy shit!! Anyway me and China get our fuck on lovely. I got stroked out with a  messy facial and she got the same damn thing.
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" POV Scene"
Ready for a quick nut; Papa $trokZ wasted no time shoving his dick in my mouth. Then he bent me over so I could bounce this ass on the dick. After he couldnt hold it in any longer he bussed right in my mouth and i sucked his dick till completion.
When Maxxx Payne couldnt listen to me talk any longer he tied me up and strapped me to his bed. Taking over my sweet pussy he added sum extra sugar, his toys and he had me shaking. It was nice I got a chance 2 cum on his face : )
" Masturbation Scene"
Got Dayum..Met this dude Q in Miami, he probably had the biggest dick I ever encountered, and he was very dominant. Not only did I suck that big dick, I got fucked real deep and then He let a thick nasty load on my face..I cant forget that
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Eager for sum more pussy Maxxx Payne let me suck his dick sloppy style using no hands of course. Then he flips me over and drills my pussy deep with his big dick. Finally him and his cameraman bussed their loads on my pussy, leaving it nice and wet.
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After Booty Cakes and D. Stone left that night we fell out for about an hour then woke up horny as hell. We put the camera on, and this is the result. Jay Dubb stayed and MD was ready for this good pussy.  While MD was pounding me from the back J Dubb bust a heavy load on my face. After that MD wore this pussy out until I tapped out. After we smoked talked shit and went back to sleep..What a fucking night, literally!!
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A few days before new years eve we got together and chilled. This night was filled with mad jokes and some real dick. Started off with us sucking plenty dick, then D.Stone put it on me. Booty Cakes was takin dick like it was nothin. lol..this was a night to remember..Real members will love this one..
On a late sunday night my good friend Mr.Dixon called me over claimng he had an emergency. So I got geared up and headed 2 his crib. When I got there he told me he needed to eat sum pussy. I reminded him that its not my thing but he still insisted, begged and pleaded. So of couse I did my duties. Between riding the shit out of his dick and giving him that fire head with no hands he ended up cumming all over my face.
"Dining At The Y"
"Gangbang Scene"
On a late night after work I met up with some coworkers for happy hour. One thing led to another and i ended up with two dicks in my mouth and fingers up my ass. After a  game of heads and tails I had to play by the rules. I gave both of my coworkers some sloppy ass bjs and they fucked me any way they wanted to.They left my face and mouth and hair covered with cum.