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After the snowstorm I met up with my homie Dice for sum cuddy so he could open up my pussy. We drank ciroc, watched sum porn and got straight to fuckin.  He rammed my pussy so hard I had to pause for a minute. So then I gave him sum deepthroat  let him fuck my face. He bussed all over me but luckily he helped me clean up the mess.
One night after chillen on South Beach I called my Budman over to bring me sum loud.  I swallowed and deepthroated his dick so hard I even ended throwing up on his dick..But it turned him on even more. He ripped off my bathingsuit and planted my face into the sheets and fucked me.
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This was a crazy nite right here, I was chillin with MD and we was just drinking and smoking and hid boy Turk came through. He said Turk wanted to test this pussy out from looking at my site, so I said sure why not?  This was an nice 3some with 2 big dicks,  Special treat for members
After an interview at the King of Diamonds I linked up with my old friend Q in Miami. He let me smell his dick N it looked so good i had to go in and suck it. He fucked my tight juicy pussy so hard N said it was too good 2 slow it down. Then he started throatfucking me outside in the miami sun and he left a shiny thick white load of cum all over me.
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This is one of my classic bj videos I did for another site..I was set up to suck this big ass dick, and me being a good sub girl that I am, I went in on that dick until he let that load off on my face..Lots of good deeptroat action and good suckin!!!
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I was feeling a little horny and called my cameraman over 2 make a movie.  All I needed was my dildo and my fingers to do all the work from there....I rubbed my pussy with my dildo and squirted all over the bed. I fucked my dildo so good it made me cum real quick. I tasted my nut and it was sweet as usual and that orgasm put me to sleep for sure. And that was my #goodassnight
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Here's one from my personal collection..This was made after a friends party when the crowd cleared out..I was in the mood to taste some cum, so I sucked his dick for about 20 min to get that nut out, but he ended up jerkin it out and I swallowed every drop..
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I met this dude Malik  and We decided to head to the telly for sum nasty fun. He claimed that he was gonna wear me out with his big We fucked for hours and I can say he was an okay fuck.After I gave him the "ULTIMATE VANESSA BJ"
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Met my boy at the motel, we had some drinks and smoked some bud, next thing you know I'm in the hot tub with a big ass dick in my mouth. Before you know I'm gettin dicked down in every position, then was facialized. Wow so much happend after that drink n
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I was just sitting in my room waiting for some dick to arrive so I decided to play with myself a lil somethin..Rubbed some lotion all over my body and shook my ass for the camera..Rubbed my double dees and rubbed my pussy. Great voyeur vid!!
  I started to suck his dick so fuckin good he had no choice but to lay down and relax. He led me ride him for a while then we got to fuckin. He tore my pussy up from different angles and left a nice load of cum deep inside my fat pussy. Now that's how u take a load
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While the rest of the city was letting off fireworks MD was letting off loads of cum all over me. I started my day with sum spanking heavy deepthroating then i ended up swallowing cum.yummy.. After getting sum bud I came back, got pounded out hardcore and finished with a creampie that made my pussy real juicy... I cant wait 2 see sum more
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I met up with a friend for a quickie and some anal training. When I got there he immediately stuffed my pussy with my 12 inch dilldo and opened up my asswhole with the other. Then I gave him some head, sucking his dick so hard and deepthroating it wishing he would cum in my mouth but he didnt. Instead he said that I missed a spot on his dick.  After pounding me out and letting me ride him he came hard right into my pussy.
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After my video chat I met up with this dude. He found a telly and we got it in. A few drinks and some good good later I was feeling very thotful. I spread my legs wide open and let him beat it from every angle. He bussed all in my mouth and over my pussy. Definitley some good ass nuts...
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